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Dear Public Library,

What a Covid roller coaster it has been. We just wanted to stop and say Thank You! In the beginning of quarantine we tried audiobooks and e-books but we were so happy when you opened your doors and let us touch the paper pages again. Thank you for greeting us with smiles under your masks and letting us reunite with our story friends again. Finally you shouldered on and kept the summer reading program and although it was not the same it still rewarded us for shouldering on as well. Thank you for helping us through summer 2020.

The Meaney Family
September, 2020

Hello! Just wanted to drop a note to say how helpful Amber was in helping me resolve issues with the overdrive/ kindle app. We love the service and she did a great job walking me through the process over the phone! Thank You.

Laura Guigley
October, 2020

Dear Public Library,

Thank you so much for still doing the summer reading program through the pandemic. I am very thankful for my prize and I hope you guys continue to do the program. Thank you so much!

Lauren Meaney
September, 2020

The Southern Lehigh Public Library has been an integral part of our family’s lives since we moved to the area. Our children have benefited from all of the programs that have been offered throughout the year. Thanks in large part to Miss Melissa, we have seen our youngest daughter improve her social skills through the weekly interactive classes. We would like to commend the library for its seamless transition to online programming through the pandemic and we look forward to utilizing all of the library’s resources for years to come.

Christopher Lorenzetti
October 2020

I hold a handful of places dear to my heart.  Some of them are part of a far off past, while others are currently visited with varying frequency.  Among these special places is the Southern Lehigh Public Library (SLPL).  For my family, it goes beyond the books. After welcoming our first child, I found SLPL to be a great resource for not only books, but also to make social connections with other families.  We have thoroughly enjoyed countless story times and library-sponsored educational programs for more than a decade.  SLPL has been a significant starting point for my five children to learn, sing, be an artist, and most of all, develop a love of reading.  I have enjoyed seeing each of them grow in so many ways.  SLPL initially started that feeling of community for me.  By the time school started, we already knew so many people from our library days – going as far back as infant storytime! In many ways, the SLPL has been an anchor for my family. When things needed to change in Spring 2020, SLPL changed and adapted.  While the “place” itself was missed, the staff brought the library to us in the comfort of our own homes.  These programs (and the people behind them) have been an amazing constant for our family, in good times and bad. Southern Lehigh Public Library truly is for everyone.  I think one of the greatest things about it is its inclusiveness.  You don’t outgrow it.  There is always that next level or stage that offers another opportunity.  I am forever thankful for its presence here in our community, and for the work and thoughtfulness put into every program. And yes, the books are awesome too.

Melissa Vedder
October, 2020

My family uses the Southern Lehigh Public Library on a weekly (sometimes even daily!) basis and it has become a great resource for us.  My kids are all avid readers and enjoy browsing the shelves or the online catalog for their next book to read.  We homeschool our kids and the amount of recreational and educational books available to us through the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative and the Overdrive system is astounding.  We also enjoy the friendly, smiling faces that greet us at the desk every time that we visit the library.  Thanks for doing what you do and allowing us the opportunity to access so many free resources in a fast and convenient way

Maria Schaller
October, 2020

Thank you for going to extraordinary lengths to continue providing service through these difficult days of Covid.

Francine Klucsarits
October, 2020

We enjoy all the programs, and it’s been beautiful weather when we’ve been outside. Nice to get some fresh air and have fun too. We also enjoyed watching the cooking story time last week. The taco recipe sounded very interesting! I never would have thought to use walnuts in place of ground turkey. Thanks for all you do for our kids and providing this programming all year round!

To add, providing music class has also been a benefit to us as we don’t have the resources to attend on our own right now. Online story time and programming has been great for our two littles ones during the pandemic. The creative ways that programming has been offered allows us to attend as we’re able; on zoom, outside the library building, on Facebook and in person at the library (like the scavenger hunt we hope to do on Wednesday).

Lori O’Connor
October, 2020

My family utilizes the library in a variety of ways. We check out books on a weekly basis. We are raising voracious readers so my 3 children look to the library as a place to learn, enjoy quiet and focused time, and read a huge variety of books (and on occasion borrow video games!). I also check out books myself because reading is such a critical activity for everyone. During the summers, my children have participated in many of the reading program events – the variety and creativity are great. We also love the yearly events that happen in fall, winter, and spring. This community has an amazing resource not just in the library but in all the dedicated librarians and staff that do their very best to adapt, create engaging programs, and encourage readers and learners at all levels!

Charu Chaturvedi (Mother of an 8 year old reader and twin 6 year old readers)
October, 2020

Big thank you to the staff at SOLEHIPL.  My family are big fans of the library and its staff for the care and programs they provide to the community.  My three children frequently use library resources from everything from video game and movie rentals, reading books, borrowing gaming sets and participating in children’s programs.  Despite the pandemic we still use library resources and take advantage of all that SOLEHIPL has to offer.  Please keep up the great work and thank you for everything you do.

Joseph Lui
October, 2020

“I think this library is the BEST library.”

Brandon Reinhardt (6 yrs old)
November, 2020