Here’s how Scrip works:

  • You buy retail gift cards through the Friends of SLPL Scrip Program at face value. Choose from over 400 national retail stores including supermarkets, gas stations & restaurants.
  • Friends of SLPL buy the gift cards at 1 – 25% less than the face value (varies by retailer).
  • The difference between face value and what Friends of SLPL pays = Friends of SLPL earnings!
  • It’s just that easy! Complete list of stores available here.

Here’s an example:

Mrs. Smith needs groceries so she buys a $100 Giant Food Stores gift card through FSLPL. Wow…she just earned $4 for FSLPL because the Giant card is available to SLPL through it’s Scrip Program for 4% less than face value! Mrs. Smith checks out and uses her Giant gift card to pay for her groceries instead of her      credit/debit card! She can do the same with purchases from Barnes & Noble earning 8% for FSLPL!              Remember, gift cards must be purchased from SLPL. When she needs gardening tools from Home Depot,   she can earn $4 for FSLPL just by using a $100 Home Depot gift card that she purchased at SLPL!

You buy gift cards – we get funding!